Client Benefits

Seeking the help of Westward in developing and implementing a plan may be the most important financial decision you make.

A Westward plan creates wealth, protects that wealth, and enables you to transfer it to beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner.

An insurance-based plan protects your estate while generating tax recovery. The LifeStep Process is our method for customizing a tax and estate plan. We bring multiple factors into consideration such as your income, investments, number of dependents, business structure and succession plan. This way, we can create a plan aligned perfectly with your goals.

What Westward can do for you:

  • Guaranteed life insurance pay out so your beneficiaries have the cash in hand to cover the estate tax
  • In-house tax and insurance expertise to develop and maintain your plan, and who work closely with your personal advisor
  • Annual reviews that show how your plan is performing and provide journal entries for tax reporting purposes
  • No obligation. The estate assessment is free. Fees are only paid if you and your advisor agree that the plan is worth pursuing

Talk to your accountant, lawyer or finacial advisor about whether a Westward plan is right for you. We will review your situation, and can then meet with you to outline how the proposed plan works, show you the on-going benefits, and gather additional information that can be used to further optimize your plan. If you decide to move forward, Westward will work with your advisor to implement the plan and maintain it over the long term.