The LifeStep Process

An overview of the costs and benefits, and step-by-step guidance through the application process.

Westward fine tunes the plans and assists the client through every step of the underwriting process, keeping you apprised of the progress along the way.

Our team of insurance specialists ensure that the process is smooth and seamless. We organize all the forms and applications that are required for an underwriting assessment, so clients are never left in the dark about why certain information is required or how it will be used. The result is a thorough, well-packaged application that will help expedite the underwriting process and deliver favourable results.

Westward's in-depth knowledge and years of experience in insurance-based tax and estate planning enables us to negotiate the best insurance offer possible and streamline the application process.

  • Implementation kits prepared for each client to guide them through the process
  • Assistance from Westward throughout the underwriting stage
  • Confidentially of all client information is assured