The LifeStep Process

We develop a plan to optimize personal tax recovery and eliminate estate tax liability.

With the advisor’s go-ahead, Westward refines the plan and calculates the benefits that the client can achieve.

We investigate all the options and recommend an estate plan based on each client’s unique situation and their business, personal and wealth transfer goals. If you, the advisor, agrees that the plan offers significant benefits, we can then present it to you and your client.

Our tax experts design a plan to be cash flow positive in the shortest amount of time possible, delivers steadily increasing personal tax recovery throughout the client’s lifetime, and guarantees that beneficiaries will have the cash on hand to pay the estate tax.

  • Provide a detailed report that covers how the plan works, the results it’s projected to achieve, and schedules to support our recommendation
  • Each plan is designed to complement the client’s overall personal and corporate tax plan
  • A plan can usually be developed within three weeks