LifeStep Overview

The LifeStep Process customizes the plan to each client's unique business and personal situation, and their wealth transfer goals.

The LifeStep Process is the unique method Westward uses to design, implement and maintain a tax and estate plan through the long term.

Developing a plan requires input from accountants, lawyers and doctors as well as an investment of time by the client and his or her family.

The LifeStep Process keeps everything on course. Attention to every detail ensures that Westward’s plan is built precisely for the client’s situation, implementation is streamlined, and the plan delivers results as promised year after year.

The LifeStep Process uses insurance as a tool to make the estate more tax efficient for both the client and the beneficiaries. It's a method we've used for over 20 years to help high net worth Canadians protect their wealth and as a way to help advisors enhance their service capabilities.

  1. The Discovery Process – fact finding and client qualification
  2. The Strategy Builder – plan development and customization
  3. The Strategic Implementor – policy approval and implementation
  4. The Performance Optimizer – on-going performance monitoring and reporting

Our process enables advisors to quickly and accurately identify which of their clients are the best candidates for an insurance-based tax and estate plan, and then work with us to prepare and implement it.